Sunday, March 7, 2010

Creative Blogger Contest Winner

Hi everyone,

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. I did have a winner in the Creative Blogger/Bald Face Liar Contest-- drumroll, please, and it was....Verb! Nice guess, buddy. Email me with your choice of ebooks from my available titles.

I'll go through the list one by one:

1. I was a nine pound baby but suffered from an eating disorder in high school. False. I was a nine pound baby, and was pretty thin in H.S. No disorders.

2. I've had two broken bones, both caused by children under the age of three. TRUE! Little shits, LOL One stepped on my foot, and one drove a car over it. Never mind, it's a looonnng story and I don't come out looking particularly good.

3. Pink is my favorite color. False. I like pink (sorry, Jude.) But grass green has always been my favorite color.

4. I showed the first book I ever wrote to an elementary school teacher and she told me to buy a dictionary. TRUE. She was pretty mortified. Looking back, I should have been, too. LOL

5. I love being outdoors and slip outside, especially to write, every chance I get. False. Ask Jude about this one. I'll go outdoors to get to and from the car and McDonald's. The rest of the time, indoors is fine with me!

6. I used to make fun of cheerleaders. False. I was one. And if I made fun in later years, well, that was probably jealousy. *g*

7. I once took a Playboy magazine to Catholic school and got sent to the principal's office. Sister Bonita phoned my mother, who was at that time the head of the PTA, (Parent Teacher's Association!) False. How many of you jumped on this one as true, tsk, tsk, tsk. You really wanted to believe this of me, didn't you? ha ha ha. The magazine was my brother's, or a friend of his, depending on whose story you wanted to believe. They never got caught. I got sent to the principal's office once, and she did have to call my mom (who was actually the president of the PTA.) But that's another story, for another day. *g*

Thanks for playing, and congratulations Verb!

~ Jenna


  1. LMBO!!!!! You are too funny!!! Oh how I wanted to believe your last one, lmbo!!!!!!

  2. Congrats to Verb!
    At least I had one answer correct ;) And yeah #7 was a good one, lol, but I didn't fall for it *g*

  3. LOL, thanks for playing along Cecile and Janna!

  4. I love this -
    Fun stuff, Jenna!